Wednesday, 11 September 2013

VIVO Cosmetics Review

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Before i start i just wanted to mention that these are actually my mums that she let me have a play with so i probably wont end up doing any "fotd/motd" looks with them.

VIVO cosmetics is another drugstore range that is sole in the pharmacies and supermarkets here in the UK. I'm not sure how much these products cost but i know they were on sale so were very good prices. 

There are 5 eyeshadow palettes, 3 baked blushers, 2 lipsticks a primer and a mascara.

These palettes are a lot better than i expected they are quite pigmented although the shimmer ones seem more pigmented than the matte ones. They are mainly shimmer shadows but there are 1 or 2 matte ones thrown in too. I found them nice and easy to apply and lasted well and the colours were really lovely.

I wasn't so sure about the primer it felt a little greasy to apply and didn't seem to do much when on.

The mascara is FAB! i loooove it! It really does lengthen your lashes and has a thin brush too which makes it easier to get the those tricky bits in the corners and do your lower lashes. Will be getting myself one of these soon!

The blushers are lovely too, nicely pigmented with a slight shimmer too so you probably wouldn't need a highlighter with these.

The lipsticks however i absolutely hated. They felt hideous on and melted and slid off my lips. I left the tube with the lid on, on my lap for a few minutes while i was doing something and when i took the lid off, the lipstick was melting! The consistency, the taste, the smell...all gross! Yuk yuk yuk!

So the VIVO products like a lot of companies are a bit hit and miss but i think they are worth go though because the eye shadows and mascara are great, as is the baked blush but some other were poor like the lipstick and primer.  

Have you tried any VIVO products? Whats your thoughts on them?
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