Friday, 2 August 2013

Mini Haul! Nyx, Rimmel, Barry M....

My First Haul!

NYX, Rimmel & Barry M 


NYX HD Studio Photogenic Foundation in 02- Soft Beige
Im always quite dubious about purchasing foundations online as im never sure which colour to go for, as it turned out the soft beige in this foundation was spot on for me!
I loved the packaging im not sure why tho, i think its because its simple and sleek and doesn't look cheap. 
The foundation however im a little mixed on. I think the foundation IS good BUT possibly not suited too well for my skin at the moment. I tend to get dry patches and when i do, foundations just dont sit right on my skin. This applied quite well although a little watery and gives a very natural finish. Id say its good if you were after a healthy glow rather than full coverage, which right now with the warm weather in the UK i actually prefer. It leaves your skin quite silky and dries quite matte. As for smell, it does have one but its quite a nice scent ...hard to explain tho say possibly a slight floral scent - i liked it anyway. 
I like the fact it has a pump because one pump is enough so you dont waste any product.
Id give this product a 6 out of 10 mainly because its not ideal for skin with dry patches, otherwise id rate a little higher.
I DID like it however and id recommend it if you don't suffer with dry skin and are after a lighter coverage foundation for the summer.


NYX HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder.
I applied this on top of the NXY HD Studio Foundation and i was quite impressed. It evened out the tone of the foundation in places and felt lovely and soft on. Again it has a slight floral scent too, which i thought was nice . I liked the packaging again too for the same reason as the foundation, smart simple and doesn't look cheap.Theres only one thing i think NYX could do to improve this product and that's to put a removable cap over the dispensing holes inside the tub. It comes with a sticker/film over it which is removed and cant be replaced. On my second time opening it i almost spilled it :\ Other than that i very much liked this product and would recommend as a lovely inished powder. I give it 8 out of 10 :D


NYX Pore Filler.
I purchased the foundation and pore filler as a set and in all honesty, i got really giddy about the "Pore Filler" because my pores are really visible. Its a huge downside when wearing makeup sometimes because they are always on show as if there's a big neon sign around them saying "loooook at meeee!". So i was VERY excited to try this! In all didnt quite live up to expectations. It DID make a nice base for my foundation but my pores were pretty much still as visible as ever :(. As i said tho i did like it as a base because apart from the pores, it created a nice canvas for my foundation.
The packaging again is simple and straight forward so no complaints there. The substance is kind of a creamy gel like consistancy, in a nude/pale skin tone colour, which is completely invisible when blended in. I cant really say i noticed a smell - which in my opinion, no smell is better that a yukky smell. I applied about a pea sized blob which i found sufficient so it will probably go a long way.
I give this product a 6 out of 10.


NYX Eye Shadow in (ES18)Sahara & (ES110) Gypsy
I have to say i LOVE the cute little packaging of these shadows and the shape of the powder inside. Its just that little bit different and i think its super cute!
Sahara is a matte cream/light beige colour which i thought was beautiful and Gypsy is a medium brown with tiny flecks of gold sparkle.
I applied sahara as a base and worked Gypsy through the crease (which didnt end up working out too great because iv got the worlds worst brushes right now so they didnt blend correctly because of this - nothing to do with he shadows!).  I thought they looked beautiful on and went really lovely together. They build well but are decently pigmented anyway. I loved these shadows and id give them a solid 9/10!
(If you would like to see a swatch of the colours just leave me a quick comment and ill get a swatch up)


Rimmel Apocalips in Nude Eclipse

Iv been very excited to try one of these out because iv heard & read a lot of hype about them! I went for a nude colour as i dont really wear brighter colours (something im going to work on!)
Its a lovely creamy consistancy on a nice applicator and glides on well. It feels like a buttery gloss gong on but after a little while dries a bit more matte. The colour is lovely and very true to its swatch.. The only slight niggle about this product is the taste. Honestly its was a bit icky but after a while you kinda stop noticing it. 
I would buy again and would recommend as i really thought it was a lovely product!
I give it a 7 out of 10

Barry M Gel Liner - Black 
Ok, so i never actually used gel liner before iv always used dip liner and kohl pencils.
Iv been very interested in trying a gel liner for aggggeees! And i chose a good one to try because i totally loved this liner! It has a handy little brush applicator in the lid which was great as i don't currently have one, although i will be getting one in the future because the brush was a little fiddly to use but handy if your out and about.
The liner glides on well and has fantastic staying power! I applied to top lid with a cat eye wing and to the top and bottom waterline in the morning and i didnt budge alllll day! Its waterproof too which is great but makes it a little harder to get off lol. I couldnt believe how well it stayed, i was super impressed! Usually my dip pot liner starts flaking or smudging after a few short hours but this was on from 9am untill 11pm. Safe to say im totally converted!
10 out of 10 for this product!
Highly recommend and will definitely be repurchasing!


NYX Smokey eyeshadow palette

I haven't actually tried this product on yet but i swatched the colours and this picture doesn't do them justice because they are beautiful. Nicely pigmented with a slight gentle sparkle in some of the colours. Looking forward to trying some sultry smokey eye looks with this when i get some new brushes :) packaging is nice too. So off first impressions i likey! and ill give a preliminary 8 out of 10 :)


I really hope you have enjoyed reading this haul/review and that you may have fond it helpful in some way! If you have tried any of these products id love to know what you thought of the so shoot some comments my way! :D

See you again next week with an E.L.F Haul! :D


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