Sunday, 20 October 2013

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils review and swatches

~Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencils~

609 - French Fries
619 - Rust
602 - Dark Brown

I bought these as a trio set from for £14 after watching a Shaaanxo YouTube video where she uses the Rust pencil. I loved the smokey copper look she created so much i thought id buy the trio rather than the singular, so i could try to recreate the look and more.

I have had the Jumbo pencil in milk for some time but this was the only one i had and i really loved that so imagined these would be just as good. The milk pencil is brilliant as an eyeshadow base to make bright colours pop.

These 3 pencils certainly haven't disappointed! 
They are so soft and creamy and really easy to blend. They do crease a bit if you don't use a shadow on top but its not super noticeable unless you have oily eyelids, in which case it might be a bit of a problem. Adding a similar shade eye shadow on top though locks them in place and makes the colours really stand out.

Theres thousands upon thousands of YouTube tutorials using these pencils in all the different shades so its well worth having a look for some great looks you can create. 

MadeYewLook is another favourite YouTuber of mine who uses lots of these pencils for some of her 'costume' make up, especially while she was in the NYX face awards (Well done by the way Lex!). The looks she created with these pencils were utterly phenomenal! You have to check them out! There are some amazing ideas for Halloween too!

Shaaanxo's smokey copper creation using Rust

Here's my recreation of Shannon's look...

My lighting is really pants and my brows are a little wild because I'm trying to regrow them a bit but i on think i did a bad job for a novice...what do you think?

Watch MadeYewLook's amazing Lexbot 3000 transformation for the NYX face awards using some of the Jumbo Pencils....

This girl totally blows me away with her work!


I only have one small gripe about these pencils and that's the lids! They are so super fragile and crack sooo easily which makes me :(

Its not very clear in the picture but one of these arrived with a crack already in it and the other cracked the first time i put the lid back on the pencil. My milk pencil is the same.

That's the only bad thing i could possibly say about these pencils though, they are really fabulous and a fantastic investment...I'm hoping to own the entire collection one day!

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