Friday, 30 August 2013

FOTD - sultry smoky eyes with a bold red lip

FOTD (Face of the day)

Hi everyone! Hope your all having a great day...
I had a play with my makeup today and came up with this look. 
Iv never ever ever done a red lip on myself ...i think i thought i was too pale or whatever but i quite liked this.

Iv done a brown/bronze eye with brown liner along the waterline and bold red lips :)
Iv used a mixture of E.L.F, MUA, NYX & Barry M products to create this look. If you'd like to know specifics just let me know in the comments :)

What do you think? thumbs up or thumbs down?

Have a great Friday!


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Cosmic stardust - makeup of the day....

Cosmic Stardust Eyes....
OK so i thought id share my eye makeup with you all today just because I'm loving learning and playing at the moment and quite like this look :)
OK so here's what i used...
-NYX jumbo pencil in Milk along the lid as a base and in the waterline
-MUA pearl eyeshadow in shade 9 (purple)
-MUA pearl eyeshadow in shade 29 (gold)
-MUA blusher (in the transition above crease) in marshmallow
-Barry M gel liner in black 
-MUA mascara in black

Id love to know what you think of this look?
I thought Cosmic Stardust would be a good name for it? lol 

Would you wear this look? Everyday look or evening look?

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think :)
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Like what you see?

Hi Everyone!

Bit of a random post today but i just wanted to catch up with you and hear what you think of my blog so far.
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My blog is for all of you so i want to make sure your getting the best from it and you like what you see. Do you find the page easy to navigate? Easy to read? Is the design attractive to you? Are my posts informative enough to you? 

Is there anything else you would like to see makeup or beauty related that I haven't done so far?

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What would entice you to follow?

I'm very new to blogging so your feedback is hugely appreciated and i just want to make sure that I'm giving you the best i can :)

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Just to add iv got a list of hauls and reviews coming up in the next 2-3 weeks and I'm hoping to stick some looks in that i come up with too :)

Have a fantastic day

Oohh new hair! :D what dya think?x

Sunday, 18 August 2013

MUA Makeup Academy Haul!

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My First MUA Haul!

OK, so id heard of MUA before but id never really been on their website for a look so i thought..why not! SO glad i did! Not only are their products purse friendly to begin with, they also had a fab sale on :) WINNER!
 I am super happy i ordered because their stuff is fab!

Here's a more detailed review of what i got and how i rate it ...

So the first products i picked were these eye shadows...i got 3 matte and 3 pearl ones in shades 29, 17, 8, 19, 16 & 9. These eye shadows are fab! Quite pigmented and very blendable and not to mention some beautiful shades. My favorite has got to be the purple one. It is beautiful! I think my favorite thing about it is that its kind of iridescent. It's like a pure purple with blue shimmery flecks in it that give it a gorgeous shimmery finish.

10/10 for these!

This is a "peacock" style look i did using the blue/teal colour and the purple. I used the purple in the inner corner and across 2/3 of my eye and then blended the blue in to the outer corner. I then blended a little of the marshmallow pink blush along the top edges of the colour under the brow. For the liner i actually used e.l.f's teal pen liner but id use a different brand if i was to do this look again. Now, I'm a complete newbie at doing this kind of makeup but i think i did a decent job of it for my skill level. What do you think of the look? leave a comment in the comments box below, id love to hear your opinions :) 


The next lot of products i got were the trio eye shadow palettes in pink sorbet, innocence, chocolate box & smoke screen. Again these shadows are beautiful colours, nicely pigmented and they are also very shimmery. They don't blend quite as well as the previous ones due to the shimmer but it will eventually if you build it up.

9/10 for these!

This is a neutral day look i did using the pink sorbet trio.
What do you think?


The next products i got were these two blushers in marshmallow & cupcake. I really, really love these blushers! They are highly pigmented so apply with a gentle hand on the brighter ones if your pale skinned. The colours are gorgeous and they apply really nicely. Big thumbs up for these!

Next was the eyebrow kit and my brows have never looked better! Iv never used a brow kit before just pencils and eye shadows but iv not gone back since i got this. I'm not too fond of the brush included myself as i have quite fine eyebrows so this brush is a tad too thick for for precise application for me. but the colour is perfect and the gel is great.

Next i purchased 2 sheer finish lip glosses in "happy days" & "lets meet". These are really nice glosses with a gentle tint of colour. they glide on really nicely and smell and taste great (not that id recommend eating it though!haha).

The next product i haven't actually used on my eyes yet, i only swatched it but again i think its a really nice product. Its the gel liner in "tribe" which is a shimmery teal colour. It glides on well and has a nice strong colour. I cant comment on its staying power yet but my experience of gel liners so far have proved that they are very long wearing.

The next item i picked up was the extreme volume mascara in extreme black. 
I'm in two minds about this because i think i may have got an old tube maybe. It was quite dry and there doesn't feel to be much product in the tube. Its not been very easy to apply because of this and has been pretty clumpy. I'm going to buy another one at some point to try it again because I'm not so sure that this is a bad product, more of an old batch maybe. At £1 though I'm happy to give it another go, going off how highly i rate their other products.

I wont rate this until i try it again. 

I also bought a foundation. I got the matte foundation in shade 2 "honeycomb". For a £1 in all honesty i wasn't expecting much from this foundation but i was very pleasantly surprised! Its a light coverage so perfect for days when you don't want to look like you've got too much on. It applies really nicely and not streaky or cakey and even though its matte, it doesn't dry out your skin or emphasize any existing dry skin. In fact i found it quite moisturizing! Another thing i really liked about this foundation is that it doesn't emphasize pores. i have quite visible pores either side of my nose and even without primer this covers them really well. 
I will be repurchasing this over and over!

Next was this brush on concealer. As much as i enjoyed using this product i think i may have had a mild reaction to it because i had a slight burning sensation under my eyes. Luckily there was no redness though and it subsided fairly quickly. I do have very sensitive skin though so don't let this put you off! If you don't have sensitive skin then this product may well be ideal for you. I used it for the dark circles under my eyes and found it had a really nice coverage. If it suited my sensitive skin i would buy it again but sadly its not so i wont be purchasing it again.

On the whole though its a good product so id give it a 7/10

Next up is the Fashionista supermodel khol eyeliner in shade 8 "naomi". This is a gorgeous eyeliner colour and its lovely and soft so glides on really well. The only down side i found to this product is longevity. I found i had to reapply a few times during the day to keep it vibrant. Other than that though its a beautiful colour and i would buy some of the other shades.

Lastly i bought the bronzer. I was hoping to use this for contouring but its not pigmented enough for that so works best as a gentle all over bronzer to give you that sun kissed look. It has a very subtle shimmer in it too so you don't look like a disco ball but do have a "summer glow". I really liked this product given that i was hoping to use it for contouring but ended up using it as an all over bronzer  ;)
I'd give it a 7/10 


All in all ....i cant wait to place another order!!! i think I'm going to end up owning ALLOT of MUA products! lol 

I'm super happy with my order and it was an added bonus that it only cost £27.95 inc P&P for 21 products. Now that's what I'm talkin about! ;)

I hope you have enjoyed this post :)

Id love to hear whether you have been taking advantage of the MUA sale as much as me? What did you get and what did you think of it?

Let me know in the comments section.

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Thanks so much and ill see you again very soon! 
Have a great day!


Monday, 12 August 2013

GlossyBox July 2013

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My Very First GlossyBox

July 2013 Box
*** GORGEOUS is this box?! I LOVE it! :D
I'm definitely going to have to look up some ideas on how to recycle these babies in to drawers or something because they are far too pretty to sit doing nothing, or worse, go in the bin! Noooo!

Even upon opening the lid i was greeted with even more super prettyness!!!
Swooooon!!! I actually hated disturbing this to get to the goodies inside! haha!
I have to admit i was a bit like a kid at Christmas when i got this and started opening it, its so exciting not knowing what little delights lay inside the box.

When i did my GlossyBox profile i went towards makeup based stuff, so i was kinda surprised that i got hair,skin and nail care but oh well!

So inside my box this month i got ....


ILA Spa Face Oil for glowing radiance -

Product Description

ila Face Oil for Glowing Radiance has become a cult product worldwide and has been named ‘a little miracle’ by celebrity make-up artists. Your skin will rediscover its natural bloom and you will notice a healthy glow to your face. It results in cashmere-soft skin with a visibly improved texture and radiance

Winner of Harper's Bazaar Hot 100
What i thought....
 I used a little of this product on my face after my shower today and I'm not too sure about it. I think i need to use it a few ore times before i can make a real decision on it but it wasn't a bad product. Its literally an oil that you put a few drops off on your face, which when first applied feels greasy. The greasy feeling lasted a good hour but i have combination skin so I'm not sure if that has something to do with that. After it seeped in it did leave my face feeling quite soft and smooth but and it really did leaving me "glowing". So i think that if you can get over the greasy beginning the end is worth it.

You can buy this product from the ila-spa website and the 30ml bottle retails at £75!
I doubt id pay that for it!!! While it is good its not THAT good. If they lower the price by at least half id consider repurchasing.


Ciate Paint Pot

 Product Description

Ciaté use a combination of professional and lovingly chosen high performance formula's. Our beautiful and sophisticated packaging encourages an incredibly artistic and effortless nail painting experience. The long handle provides you the best strokes every time. With a dense 250 bristle flat brush, you are guaranteed a flawless even finish. The bottle has been ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in your hand for maximum control. The formula is amazingly pigmented, long lasting and available in a range of finishes whilst formulated to be easy to apply. And finally, the iconic satin bow as the finishing touch which crowns each polish. 

What i thought....
Quite simply.... i LOVE it!!!
The colour i was given is called Island Hopping and is a reddy orangey colour with fine gold reflective particles in it. Its my new favourite shade! its gorgeous and i don't think my pictures do it justice to be fair. 
You do need two coats but for the payoff its really worth it. Iv had it on all day now and so far no chips. Its glides on really easily and it has a longer than average handle too which i thought really helped. 

I will definitely be buying more!

you can get these from and they retail at £9 per bottle


Coola Mineral Face SPF 20

 Product Description

Feel rosy without getting too rosy with this natural mineral, sheer SPF 20 sunblock that is sure to keep your delicate facial skin even, hydrated and protected. Rose Extract soothes the skin and the senses with its natural toning and aromatherapy properties. And while combining the super antioxidant and anti-ageing powers of Xylinum Black Tea and Organic Grape Seed Extract, this formula delivers lasting broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and is still light enough to feel perfect under makeup everyday. 70% Certified Organic inactives, 98% Natural. 
What i thought....

At the moment its pouring with rain in the UK so its not the most ideal time to test this product but i tried it out nonetheless.
I can honestly say its the nicest sunblock iv ever used! I usually despise sunblock because of its smell, the ghostly colour it leaves you and how sticky or slimy it is. This product however is none of those things! It has no smell which is great because your not constantly aware of it i that makes sense. It rubs in perfectly, so well that you wouldn't know it was on plus its quite moisturising.
Id purchase this product for myself regardless of the £29.99 price tag!
Its available on amazon but its a slightly different on as its advertised as a rose scented one which isn't the same as mine as mine is unscented. Maybe worth shopping around if you would prefer the unscented or get in touch with the company to see if you can get an unscented one.


INECTO Pure Coconut Refreshing Dry Shampoo

Product Description

Inecto Pure Coconut is nature’s answer to revitalising dry hair. Enhance the natural you with our collection of exclusive hair products.
For centuries coconut oil has been used as an effective hair and skincare beauty treatment. It assists in rejuvenating both hair and skin thanks to the rich active properties found in the oil.
Inecto Pure Coconut Haircare products contain 100% pure coconut oil which penetrates the hair to make it grow stronger and thicker; promoting growth whilst locking in moisture, reducing any hair damage.
The Inecto Pure Coconut Refreshing Dry Shampoo instantly refreshes hair between washes while adding body and texture. It has a fantastically absorbent formula which will revitalise dull greasy hair. Hair will be left feeling gorgeously clean, fresh and lightly fragranced with our gorgeous exotic and sweet Pure Coconut fragrance. 

What i thought....

Now i cant really make much of an opinion on this product because i haven't tested it on my hair yet as iv just washed it so its not needed. I did however give it a spray though to have a sniff of it and i honestly almost started drooling! I'm a huge fan of coconut scented products anyway so was thrilled at the fact that this is coconut scented. It really is a gorgeous smell! It'd be worth it just for that with a low price of £2.49 too! You can buy this product at amazon too.



Alterna Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist 

Product Description

Get tousled, “just-back-from-the-beach” waves with this weightless mist. Adds texture, volume and healthy shine to all hair types. 

What i thought....
I tested this product out today too after washing my hair and while it did work, its not really suitable for my hair. I have VERY thick, frizzy hair so although this did "tousle" my hair, it just made it look frizzier. If you have fine, non frizzy hair i think you would really like this product though as i can see it giving a lovely tousled look on that kind of hair. It has a really lovely summery scent though which was lovely but was about the only benefit i got from it.
For me i wouldn't consider buying this product though.
You can get this product from and it retails at £23.


(Product descriptions taken from the GlossyBox website and Amazon)

Thanks for reading i hope you enjoyed it! Check back for Augusts Glossy Box which should be due soon :)

What did you get in your GlossyBox this month? Were you happy with your products? Were you as giddy about the pretty box as i was?

Coming this week will be an MUA haul/review :) Cant wait!!!

Take care and have a lovely day 


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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Haul! E.L.F (Eyes Lips Face)

   (Click the logo to go to the website)

My First E.L.F HAUL!!!!

Hi everyone! 
I really hope you are enjoying my blog and finding it useful :)
So i decided to place an E.L.F (eyes, lips, face) order as id heard lots of good things about them. Also their prices were amazing plus it was something like 50-60% off, so i could hardly resist could i?
Unfortunately I'm not entirely won over just yet :( Quite a few of the 10 products i ordered disappointed me :( here's what i got and what i thought of them...

Waterproof Eyeliner Pen (Purple) (Teal)

I got the waterproof pen eyeliners in teal and purple which on the website looks fab and i thought the colours looked beautiful. The pen nip is quite fine which is nice as its quite precise to apply (although i personally need a lot more practise lol). The teal isn't spot on to the swatch BUT it IS a lovely shade nonetheless. The purple however i was very disappointed with :(. As you can see in the picture, the colour on the pen is a deep blackberry purple, the colour i got on swatching it was no where near this colour. It was more of a pastel purple / parmavoilet sweets colour...which i really didn't like. The next problem with the purple one is that after 3 swatches, its almost totally dried out!
Gutted :( teal would get a 7 out of 10, purple gets a 0 out of 10.


Blush (Tickled Pink)  Blush (Peachy Keen)
I got these two blushes because the colours on the website looked so pretty and pigmented. They are however not very pigmented at all and the colours were a lot more muted than the picture on the website. These blushes both took quite a heavy application before i could notice the colours although they did feel nice on - very silky. So unfortunately I'm quite disappointed with these too.
Both blushes get a 3 out of 10


Mineral Moisturising Lip Tint (Guava)
Iv never really tried matte lipsticks, iv always gone for more glossier ones so thought this product sounded ideal plus the colour looked phenomenal! Now I'm quite torn on this product because its not very long lasting at all and goes one quite "streaky" but the colour really was beautiful so i do quite like it. Also it is, as it says, moisturising which is nice too . 
If you have time for plenty of reapplications then its not a big deal but me personally, well i don't have time to reapply all the time even though it is a gorgeous colour. 
I don't think ill end up wearing it a lot because of this so i gave this product a 5 out of 10
 Iv been after a liquid concealer for ages as iv been using a cover stick for years and the one i had is pretty rubbish. I have really dark circles under my eyes so had high hopes for this as its a "tone correcting concealer". I have to say I'm actually quite please with this product. It doesn't have the best coverage for what i need BUT with two applications it was fine. After application i used finishing powder over it to keep it in place and it really did stay in place all day plus felt really soft and moisturising. I bought two colours because my tone changes quite quickly with being fair skinned -  a touch of sun and it darkens my tone slightly, so buying two was a safer option. Both colours work well because I'm mainly the warm beige but on days when my dark circles are very dark the rosy beige lightens them up a lot. I'm very happy with this product so i gave it a 8 out of 10.

Single Eyeshadow (Saddle)
I love warm browns and neutrals in eye shadows because they are perfect for every day looks so i tend to but a lot in these shades. This one is Saddle and is a lovely warm brown with a goldy shimmer through it. I really liked this shade and its quite pigmented too so a little goes far.
The only downside i had to this particular one is that the little viewing window on the lid had fallen out when i opened my parcel :( Its not a huge deal but it just means its at more risk of damage.
I gave this product a 7 out of 10

Single Eyeshadow (Sunset)
I absolutely freaking LOVE this colour! It is beautiful! I can see myself wearing this a lot! Its a kind of coral/orange/gold shimmer combo colour and its sooo beautiful on. Its a great summery colour but i reckon it would go well with browns for an autumnal look too. As the last one this too is fairly pigmented so goes on really well. Its gorgeous and i think you should all get this shade in your collection immediately! ;)
10 out of 10!

Studio Cream Eyeshadow (Dawn)
This is actually the only product iv not got round to using fully yet but iv had a little test on my lid.
Its a lovely cream eyeshadow and the colour is gorgeous. It could be worn alone for a nice bronzey shimmery look or teamed with browns or blacks for a smokey night time look. Iv not tried blending it yet but i have a feeling it will blend beautifully. I cant comment on whether or not it creases much yet either as iv not worn it for long enough but ill be sure to update if it does crease badly. I thought it was cute how it came with a tiny applicator brush too  personally i used my finger to apply though for better coverage. I gave this product a 7 out of 10 (but if it doesn't crease id bump this up to an 8)

So there you have it, my E.L.F Haul!
All in all when ordered from them again i think id stick to concealers and eye shadows BUT never say never as this is only a small selection of the products they have on offer. I WOULD buy from them again though because some products were good some were bad but that's just like anywhere really, so a company cant be dismissed on that plus i felt customer service was spot on. Plus for the amazing prices i felt a lot of their stuff as great if you are just starting out.

Have you tried any e.l.f products? If so what have you tried and what did you think of them?
Id love to hear your comments!

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MUA Haul & Review

July GlossyBox (my first one!)
and the week after ill have August Glossybox :)

Can you recommend and high quality makeup stores that don't cost the earth for me to check out and review? Leave your comments in the box below and ill check them out! Thanks

See you next week and have a lovely week!

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