Tuesday, 10 September 2013

New Brushes Haul - MUA & BHcosmetics

I FINALLY got some proper brushes! Yaaaay!

I opted for MUA and BH cosmetics brushes due to the low price and high quality.
Id never bought from BH cosmetics before but i had heard nothing but praise and they didnt fail to deliver!
Both brush sets are fab and fantastic quality. If, like me, you are just starting out then i would highly recommend these because as i said i didnt have to fork out piles of cash for them and the quality is spot on!

(Click the logo to go to MUA brushes)

Here are the MUA brushes i got...


 (click the logo to go to BH brushes - there are singles or collections available)

Here are the BH cosmetics brushes i got. 
This is the Eco brush set,
i will definitely be buying more of their brush collections!

(some have been used hence the colour changes on some but all have natural coloured tips)


Brush info and prices...
MUA Brushes -
E1 Eyeshadow brush £1.95
E2 Eyeshadow contour brush £1.95
E3 Blending and shadow brush £1.95
E7 Eyebrow brush £1.50
F2 Stippling brush £3
F6 Blusher & Contouring brush £3

BH Cosmetics brushes - 
10 pcs Eco Brush Set $19.00 currently 
I paid $13.05 as i think there was a sale on them at the time.
Shipping to the UK was USPS First Class International [10-23 days] $12.45

So as you can see not much cost but lots of quality so give them a go! :)

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