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Haul! E.L.F (Eyes Lips Face)

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My First E.L.F HAUL!!!!

Hi everyone! 
I really hope you are enjoying my blog and finding it useful :)
So i decided to place an E.L.F (eyes, lips, face) order as id heard lots of good things about them. Also their prices were amazing plus it was something like 50-60% off, so i could hardly resist could i?
Unfortunately I'm not entirely won over just yet :( Quite a few of the 10 products i ordered disappointed me :( here's what i got and what i thought of them...

Waterproof Eyeliner Pen (Purple) (Teal)

I got the waterproof pen eyeliners in teal and purple which on the website looks fab and i thought the colours looked beautiful. The pen nip is quite fine which is nice as its quite precise to apply (although i personally need a lot more practise lol). The teal isn't spot on to the swatch BUT it IS a lovely shade nonetheless. The purple however i was very disappointed with :(. As you can see in the picture, the colour on the pen is a deep blackberry purple, the colour i got on swatching it was no where near this colour. It was more of a pastel purple / parmavoilet sweets colour...which i really didn't like. The next problem with the purple one is that after 3 swatches, its almost totally dried out!
Gutted :( teal would get a 7 out of 10, purple gets a 0 out of 10.


Blush (Tickled Pink)  Blush (Peachy Keen)
I got these two blushes because the colours on the website looked so pretty and pigmented. They are however not very pigmented at all and the colours were a lot more muted than the picture on the website. These blushes both took quite a heavy application before i could notice the colours although they did feel nice on - very silky. So unfortunately I'm quite disappointed with these too.
Both blushes get a 3 out of 10


Mineral Moisturising Lip Tint (Guava)
Iv never really tried matte lipsticks, iv always gone for more glossier ones so thought this product sounded ideal plus the colour looked phenomenal! Now I'm quite torn on this product because its not very long lasting at all and goes one quite "streaky" but the colour really was beautiful so i do quite like it. Also it is, as it says, moisturising which is nice too . 
If you have time for plenty of reapplications then its not a big deal but me personally, well i don't have time to reapply all the time even though it is a gorgeous colour. 
I don't think ill end up wearing it a lot because of this so i gave this product a 5 out of 10
 Iv been after a liquid concealer for ages as iv been using a cover stick for years and the one i had is pretty rubbish. I have really dark circles under my eyes so had high hopes for this as its a "tone correcting concealer". I have to say I'm actually quite please with this product. It doesn't have the best coverage for what i need BUT with two applications it was fine. After application i used finishing powder over it to keep it in place and it really did stay in place all day plus felt really soft and moisturising. I bought two colours because my tone changes quite quickly with being fair skinned -  a touch of sun and it darkens my tone slightly, so buying two was a safer option. Both colours work well because I'm mainly the warm beige but on days when my dark circles are very dark the rosy beige lightens them up a lot. I'm very happy with this product so i gave it a 8 out of 10.

Single Eyeshadow (Saddle)
I love warm browns and neutrals in eye shadows because they are perfect for every day looks so i tend to but a lot in these shades. This one is Saddle and is a lovely warm brown with a goldy shimmer through it. I really liked this shade and its quite pigmented too so a little goes far.
The only downside i had to this particular one is that the little viewing window on the lid had fallen out when i opened my parcel :( Its not a huge deal but it just means its at more risk of damage.
I gave this product a 7 out of 10

Single Eyeshadow (Sunset)
I absolutely freaking LOVE this colour! It is beautiful! I can see myself wearing this a lot! Its a kind of coral/orange/gold shimmer combo colour and its sooo beautiful on. Its a great summery colour but i reckon it would go well with browns for an autumnal look too. As the last one this too is fairly pigmented so goes on really well. Its gorgeous and i think you should all get this shade in your collection immediately! ;)
10 out of 10!

Studio Cream Eyeshadow (Dawn)
This is actually the only product iv not got round to using fully yet but iv had a little test on my lid.
Its a lovely cream eyeshadow and the colour is gorgeous. It could be worn alone for a nice bronzey shimmery look or teamed with browns or blacks for a smokey night time look. Iv not tried blending it yet but i have a feeling it will blend beautifully. I cant comment on whether or not it creases much yet either as iv not worn it for long enough but ill be sure to update if it does crease badly. I thought it was cute how it came with a tiny applicator brush too  personally i used my finger to apply though for better coverage. I gave this product a 7 out of 10 (but if it doesn't crease id bump this up to an 8)

So there you have it, my E.L.F Haul!
All in all when ordered from them again i think id stick to concealers and eye shadows BUT never say never as this is only a small selection of the products they have on offer. I WOULD buy from them again though because some products were good some were bad but that's just like anywhere really, so a company cant be dismissed on that plus i felt customer service was spot on. Plus for the amazing prices i felt a lot of their stuff as great if you are just starting out.

Have you tried any e.l.f products? If so what have you tried and what did you think of them?
Id love to hear your comments!

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