Thursday, 7 November 2013

Avon Mega Effects Mascara Review

Avon Mega Effects Mascara

Hi everyone! 

So iv been a bit of a rubbish blogger lately! Sorrrrry! Hope you all forgive me ;)
Iv actually gone and got myself not 1, not 2 ...but 3 new jobs! I've been a bit of a busy bee!!!
2 of my jobs are at weekend and the 3rd is being an Avon rep so don't fret, it wont affect my blogging ;)

Iv not had much chance to do any beauty related shopping lately (i will be doing quite a few Avon reviews in the coming months though) but as soon as i became an Avon rep, i got my order in for this little beauty! 
Iv heard & read soooo many rave reviews about it i just HAD to try it out!
 I have to say, it lived up to the hype!

If you haven't yet heard about this revolutionary new mascara yet take a quick look at this short video...

Its got the funkiest brush ever and its the easiest and most precise brush iv ever used. It gets all the little hairs that a normal brush sometimes struggle with and its fully coated in the mascara, so covers really well root to tip.
I found that it lengthened my lashes quite a bit ( i have quite short stumpy, almost translucent lashes) and lifted and separated them well too and with no clumps.

Its not the most voluminous on 1 coat but with 2 or more coats it improves volume each time, so you have 100% control with this mascara.
The only negative thing i could say about this product is that its not advertised as waterproof but its quite difficult to wash off, it can make your eyes feel a bit heavy and tired at the end of a full day wearing it. In my opinion even with the small negatives its totally worth it though because its fab and its become my new holy grail go-to daily mascara! 

I highly recommend you give it a go!

before and after 1 coat of the mascara (im also wearing avon supershock gel eyeliner in black which is also unbeleivably amazing!)

this is after 2 coats of the mascara (im also wearing the avon supershock gel & liquid eyeliners)

Have you tested this mascara? What did you think? 
Hoe you have a great weekend!
Back soon with a new blog post!


( I also have a widget at he right hand side that takes you to my personal online Avon brochure if your interested in taking a look! Id be more than happy to take any orders too if you don't have a rep in your area ! **please note that me being an Avon rep will NOT change my reviews of products - if i think something is rubbish i WILL tell you - I'm NOT after sales i do Avon because i actually really enjoy it **)

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