Thursday, 10 October 2013

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks Review

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Soooo sorry for my lack of posts lately!!! Iv just become an Avon rep (so expect to see some Avon product reviews) and iv had problems getting on blogger Gahhh!

Anyway! In my absence iv been pampering my face with these little beauties. Iv actually been using this brand of face masks for years but thought id review them for you all.

~Get ready for some super sexy face mask pictures of me! ;)~

I bought four of these from my local Home Bargains store and it had a 4 for £2 deal which is fab!
This one is an anti stress clay type mask. I really like this one because it feels like it firms and tightens my skin and leaves it feeling quite refreshed.
This one was a no brainer....Chocolate orange? Oh my goodness trying to resist eating it was the hardest! Terrys chocolate orange is my favourite and this smells just like it! Yum! As for the benefits of it though i don't feel it actually did much for my skin even tho this is self heating too ...but its worth it for the smell! haha!

This one is a peel off one and dries fairly clear with a slight pink tone to it. This one also made my skin feel firmer afterwards - and is of course fun to peel off!

This one was really lovely it soothed my tired face and made me feel quite relaxed. Perfect for a Friday night after a busy week at work! ;)   
I really do love these face masks and as i said, iv been using them for years with no problems with them and i have sensitive skin. I will continue to use them for many more years id imagine because most of them do leave your skin feeling a bit happier and of course its lovely to slap on while your relaxing in a bath.

I highly recommend you go out and pamper yourselves immediately!
We all deserve a bit of pampering ;)

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