Wednesday, 31 July 2013

50 Facts Tag!

I thought, for my first blog post i should tell you a bit more about me. So i thought why not do the 50 facts tag... 

Here goes!

10 Normal Facts about me...

1. I have 2 children (Paige age 5 and Joshua age 3)

2. I am married ( Since July 2011)

3. I live in the North West of England
4. I don't work at the moment ( I'm a stay at home mum until my kids are both full time at school so I'm trying to get educated in the meantime :D)
5. I'm a natural redhead ( i say redhead but as you can clearly see it was orange!lol)

6. I have blue eyes, although my husband says they are 'sea green' so i guess they change alot lol
7. I have one younger brother, hes 9 years younger than me.
8. I have 2 guinea pigs called Zippy and Gizmo (they are currently about 6 months old)
9. I'm 26 and my birthday is in February which makes me an Aquarius
10.My Husband,kids,Mum and brother are the most important things in my life.

Now for 40 random facts....

11. I hardly ever wear my hair down
12. The sound and feel of polystyrene is the most horrific thing ever!
13. I'm afraid of balloons, clowns and spiders.
14. Im terrified of my kids falling down the stairs...i have nightmares about it :\
15. I love Indian n Chinese takeout
16. I have a very big sweet tooth
17. My appetite could put burly men to shame!lol
18. Iv been dieting for as long as i can remember and im STILL overweight but have lost a little over 2 stone over the past 2 yrs.
19. Iv only been abroad once. I went to Palma in Magaluf with my Ex (not counting flying to Ireland which i did several ties as a child)
20. Iv had 4 long term relationships in my life
21. My best friend is my hairdresser (Jon -GlamHair). We have been best friends for .....yeesh! 15 years!lol
22. I always have my phone in my hand....i feel like iv lost an arm without it lol
23. I reaaally want some rabbits
24. I desperately want to move house...need a lotto win first!
25. I'm a bit OCD...everything in my kitchen cupboards HAS to be lined up together and facing forward
26. I live in comfys/PJ's...i dont see the point in wearing normal clothes indoors and i like my comfort lol
27. If i could change anything about myself id have a tummy tuck, lipo, a boob job and new legs lol i have serious fat man legs and you will never see a picture of my with them out!lol
28. When i get ill Lucozade and Ben & Jerry's are needed more than medication!lol
29. Most people call me Lea instead of Leanne...most of the time i panic if someone calls me Leanne because ill assume I'm in trouble lol
30. My favorite colors are red black and purple
31. Iv been baptized but I'm an atheist
32. My favorite / lucky number is 3
33. Iv had about 50 driving lessons and 4 instructors when i was younger and always got to the same point and had to stop for one reason or another. I still can't drive :(
34. I'm a tiny 5ft 2inches 
35. At the beginning of the year i got a good chunk of my hair cut off....i miss my long hair sooo bad.
36. My hair is my worst enemy most days. Its ridiculously thick and frizzy and its hates me and will never do as its told.
37. As far as I'm aware I'm not allergic to anything whereas my husband is allergic to loaaads of things lol although i do have sensitive skin sometimes
38. I have 6 tattoos. I plan to have several more . I did have 4 piercings (ears twice, belly button and nose) but now i just have my ears pierced once.
39. I wear glasses. Without them i can hardly see unless your right in front of me. Id love to have them lasered one day but the thought of it actually terrifies me lol
40. The first concert i ever went to was Steps (oh the shame!!!) . I have been to Billy Idol and Bon Jovi since. As much as i loved being that closed to Billy and Bon Jovi, I'm not really a fan of the concert experience.
41. I'm always late for everything!
42. I can spend 1-2 Hours in a bath and HAVE to have at least one magazine to read (usually New!Magazine )
43. Iv always dreamt of living in New York but i would never move that far away from my family.
44. I hate musicals
45. The only TV i watch is Hollyoaks. I watch loads of series on DVD but never get a look in on the telly because of the hubby and kids lol 
46. If i had more money right now id invest it in several college courses
47. I watch YouTube ALOT lol
48. My favorite comfort food is corned beef ash with loooooads of bread and butter.
49. I really want corned beef ash with loads of bread and butter now .... :\ lol
50. Its raining right

Ok THAT was hard work! Hope you enjoyed reading this and i now TAG all of YOU to do a 50 facts too :)


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