What camera do you use?

I use my iPhone 5 camera at the moment ... one day if this all takes off i may invest in a swish camera.

What program do you use to edit photos?

At the moment any photos that are edited will be simply done using instagram or other filtering apps like wood camera, vintique, pic stitch or diptic. These are the main ones i am using right now.

Who designed your blog?

I did and its a work in progress so u may see it change slightly as i work on making it perfect 

Why did you start your blog?

Iv always been quite in to makeup and beauty but more so as a teen. When i had my kids it kinda got put to the back of my mind. Now my kids are a bit older and in school my passion has rekindled and grown. I started watching YouTube videos about 6 months ago which made my passion grow even more,  i still spend most of my time watching these fabulous tutorials, reviews and hauls. 

So a long story short, after reading blogs and watching YouTube videos i decided even with my limited knowledge, i wanted to get involved! So here i am blogging and attempting to enroll at college. If i ever get good enough and confident enough i may even venture in to YouTube! 

Why did you choose the name PhoenixBeautyy?

I like what the Phoenix represents symbolically eg risen from the ashes. I feel in some ways in my own life that kind of applies to me. 

If you have anything else you wish to know, feel free to email me and ill get back to you as soon as i can! :D

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