About me

Hi Everyone! 

Thanks for checking out my blog! I really hope you find it useful or informative in some way. 

My blog will be reviews, hauls , lifestyle, FOTD/MOTD/EOTD (looks of the day)

After being utterly inspired by many amazing & beautiful YouTubers, I'm hoping to follow a dream of going from total novice to beauty guru by going back to college which ill start next year. Ideally id like to end up a qualified MUA and/or beautician.

I am a novice so please keep that in mind but i do love to pamper myself and i love being creative with makeup, i just need to build up my tools and kit which you will see it build through out my blog! I do like to think i know good quality when i come across it though and i will always be 100% honest about any products i review. 

Always keep in mind though that what works for someone or is liked by someone isn't necessarily the same for another.

Don't forget to subscribe and please do share/recommend my blog to your friends too! ;)

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